CPC to Offer Organizational Memberships

You asked, we deliver!  Beginning June 21, 2021, Creative Placemaking Communities will offer organizational memberships.  This will allow up to 12 members of an organization to get the full benefits of a Booster Membership -- for half the cost of an individual membership.

Organizational memberships will range from $150 for organizations with budgets up to $100,000 to $525 for organizations with budgets of more than $1 million.  Depending on the level purchased - up to 12 members of an organization will get a Booster Membership.

Booster Members get a lot of benefits, including:
  • Free enrollment in up to 11 on-demand and Webinar+ courses
  • 20% discounts on all other programs (except the Certificate in Creative Placemaking)
  • Invitations to Member-only events

    and more...

    To learn more about organizational memberships, please contact CPC President Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP at [email protected]
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