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Supporting those who empower communities through local arts and culture. 

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Get useful knowledge through on-demand courses and Live Conversations.  Useful for beginners and experts alike.
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Leadership Summits

Connecting doers, thinkers and leaders to develop better partnerships, projects, programs and policies.

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Certificate program

Building culturally competent, collaborative leaders to be captains and navigators in creative placemaking.

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Find out about upcoming events from CPC and our partners.  CPC Members can also find out about dozens opportunities for jobs, grants, contracts and thought leadership through the Member Portal.

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creative placemaker is anyone who supports the power of arts and culture in ways that elevate communities. Whether you’re an artist working with communities, a community development professional who values arts and culture, or anybody else working towards healthier, more sustainable and inclusive places, you’ll find a welcoming community in CPC. Everyone is welcome!
As a member you will:
  • Join a growing community of people who believe in the power of local arts and culture to help places heal, recover, and become more resilient.  Connect and work with other creative placemakers through members' only Forums.
  • Help us promote systemic change to better support micro-entrepreneurs and small organizations in creative economies in the United States.
  • Help creative placemakers who work with and/or come from marginalized communities to achieve their missions.
  • Get updates on news and trends, and on job, grant and contract opportunities.
  • Get members' only discounts to the Certificate in Creative Placemaking, Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits, and other topical programming that will help support your career and the communities you serve.
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