Tips for a better Summit session proposal

Thanks for your interest in leading a session at a Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit.  Check here for opportunities to submit a session proposal.   Here are some tips to help you prepare a better session.

1, Think about the audience, and what they might want from their experience.
In the case of Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits, we tend to attract leaders, key decisionmakers and entrepreneurs from the worlds of arts, community economic development, cultural heritage, government services and placemaking industries (such as architects and urban planners.) Many go to Summits to get inspired, learn skills, or make connections. Many like to learn with and from people who come from different backgrounds, but share the same interests in helping places and the communities in them.

2. We prefer you to be a guide or coach, rather than just a 'speaker.' We prefer everyone coming to the Summit to be a partipant, not just an 'attendee'. Summits are designed to incubate new and better partnerships, projects, programs and policies. We think that happens best when participants have experiences that encourage them to reflect on their experiences, share what they know or believe, or otherwise be actively engaged in their learning.

That said, we do offer standard presentations and panel discussions. Those will happen online on November 1, as part of a pre-conference to the Summit. What we're looking for during the in-person part of the Summit are workshops, Strategic Conversations, site visits and problem-solving sessions (which we call Strategy Labs).

3. Think more about what you want participants to get out of your session than what you want to say. This will help you decide what type of session you'd like to offer.

4. Think about what's new or different about your proposed session. No, we're not expecting you to come up with something nobody has ever seen or heard before. New or different could mean a distinct way of looking at an issue, or having session leaders who might present different perspectives. For example, we've never had a session about community banks and creative placemaking.

Questions?  Please feel free to reach out to Leo Vazquez at Creative Placemaking Communities

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