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Certificate in Creative Placemaking

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Advance your career with hands-on experience through developing a capstone project, strengthening your skillset, and broadening your network!

About the program

Creative Placemaking supports development and preservation of healthier and more inclusive, prosperous, equitable, and resilient communities through local arts and culture. 

Whether you’ve been doing this work for years or are just starting out, the Certificate in Creative Placemaking helps you achieve your goals. Successful students in this program have progressed their careers in creative placemaking, advanced new projects and initiatives, enhanced their teaching and scholarship, secured project funding, or started their own private practices.

The Certificate helps you develop several critical tools for creative placemaking that serve well in any field:  community development, local economic development, alliance building, community empowerment, site planning, sustainable cultural tourism, strategic planning, and collaborative leadership. 

This is accomplished through a combination of knowledge building, reflection and practice leading to a capstone project. Your capstone can be a plan, analytical report, proposal or scholarly study to address social, economic and cultural issues affecting a community of your choice. Program instructors are seasoned professionals from across the United States.  Together, they bring a diverse array of talent and experience in fields such as architecture, arts administration, leadership development, marketing, organizational development, performing arts, public policy, urban design and planning, and more.  
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What's included?

  • 6 Deep Learning Courses
  • 1 Certificate
  • 60+ Community Members
  • 1 Free CPLS Registration
  • 1 Online residency and 2 In-person residencies

  9 Leadership Coaching Sessions

Build Your Toolbox

Develop or deepen your collaboration, evaluation, and research skills. Each course builds on the other taking you through a process of asking the tough questions, viewing placemaking through a critical lens. 

Active Learning

 You will develop a project of your choice designed to benefit your community. What systems are at play? Who needs to be at the table and how do you get them there? What role do arts and cultural activities play and what is needed to execute that? How do you effectively plan and evaluate your work?

What to expect

  • How long is the program? The CCP is 10-months, courses are fully online and asynchronous. Students become part of the certificate community
  • How much does the program cost? The program costs $4995, book costs total about $100
  • How much time is spent on course work? Students average 5 - 10 hours/week of course work
  • Who is the program for? Designed to build a shared knowledge base and ethical framework for creative placemaking the program is ideal for community-based, social practice, and civic practice artists as well as those in the fields of public policy, urban planning, community development. Those interested in working with like-minded people from various fields to develop a project addressing a self-identified challenge should apply.

What our Alumni Have to Say

CCP has played an important role in my own formation and growth as a creative placemaking facilitator. I believe my involvement in the certificate program and subsequent alumni events, directly impacted my volunteer work for the Village of Sleepy Hollow. If it wasn't for the knowledge and confidence gained from those programs I'm not sure that either the Sleepy Hollow Cultural Festival in 2019 or the Riverwalk Community Mural in 2020 would have come to fruition and have successfully impacted so many others within our community. I have enjoyed the opportunity to continue to connect with others virtually through the creative programming offered this past year. Thank you for all the work you and your colleagues have done. Your efforts have a positive ripple effect that I suspect is much larger than you can imagine.
Kersten Harries
I'm running two non-profits (and my nightclub party) and both are very much drawing upon what I learned in the certificate program. Now that I'm putting so much of what I learned in action (the dancers are working by my side on all major decisions and I happily listen to the voices of dissent) my management style has radically changed, and I believe for the better.
Erica Ruben-Hadzic
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